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Chengdu flooded floor

Permeable ground level ground

Color transparent floor

  • Rich experience in industry

    extensive industry experience
    Ten years focused on permeable ground level ground,We have accumulated rich experience in permeable ground level ground engineering,Construction team on a regular basis to participate in training process,With nearly 10 years of construction experience,Quality is guaranteed。
    Rich experience in industryRich experience in industry
  • Solid strength

    Strong strength guarante
    With raw materials production equipment,Can produce hundreds of square meters,Sufficient capacity to ensure that the time limit for a project without delay。The introduction of technology,Construction team regular training related certificates。
    Solid strengthSolid strength

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  • Outstanding product performance

    Excellent product performance
    The introduction of external decorative concrete core formula,From raw material production to the pavement engineering,Professional test each link,Effectively guarantee the high quality of engineering quality。
    Outstanding product performanceOutstanding product performance
  • After-sales service guaranteed

    After-sales service is guaranteed
    For each client to establish construction engineering archives,Login customer engineering technology and technical details,Ensure accurate service。And provide for the customer24Hours online service,Deal with problems in a timely manner。
    After-sales service guaranteedAfter-sales service guaranteed

Sichuan all the new material technology co., LTD. Chengdu branch

about us

About us

Sichuan and new materials technology co., LTD2014Years was established,Chengdu branchIs located in the district of chengdu, sichuan province, we avenue1955Number,The office in chongqingChongqing beibei CAI home town of duty with xing industrial park,Guizhou branch company is located in guizhou province pingba natsugumo industrial park,Yunnan branch is located in Beijing road in kunming, yunnan province1123The jinjiang district court,The existing staff200More than one,My companyPay attention to the construction industry technical specifications and formulation,Is one specialized is engaged in the colored permeable concrete and molding floor color art research and development、Design、Production、Sales、Construction as one of the modern enterprise

I company for sichuan province floor association vice-chairman unit,Zhejiang province floor association vice-chairman unit,Chongqing floor association member units,Shanxi Province floor branch building decoration association member units,Garden industry of sichuan province chamber of commerce member units,China building materials association floor industry branch member units。Multiple sponge has been successful for domestic urban construction color permeable concrete floor and artistic molding floor construction project of material supplyMaterial and provide professional technical guidance,For a sponge city、Provide the comprehensive garden construction of city、Solution of the system。

My company's main product color permeable ground level ground strengthening agent、Waterproof floor covering agent、Natural explicit permeable floor cleaner、Sticky stone polyurethane glue、Ceramic particles antiskid pavement glue and artistic molding(Print)Floor enhancer、Release agent, and highlighting protective agent, etc。According to customer requirements,Tailored to the customers,Provide appropriate and in accordance with industry standard products,Meet the individual needs of customers;Give full play to the sincere cooperation of team spirit,For innovation、Forge ahead,Constantly committed to provide customers with better full of the trend of The Times of technology and services、Strive to create a better life pursuit;In order to"Professional quality、Professional team、Professional services"The power of influence and improve the art of living space,Create a never-ending ground adornment art。

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17760344603(Business director) Manager zhang

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